Croatian Association of Textile Engineers

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Focus and Scope

Textile Journal, published by the Croatian Association of Textile engineering (HIST) is the oldest and the only regular on Croatian publications in the field of textiles and textile economy of science. In the appropriate format quality published scientific and professional articles, comments and reviews of events related to textile science and economy. Journal regularly published monthly for over 55 years.
Topics the magazine “Tekstil” deals with
The magazine publishes papers in the scientific and professional field of textile and garment technology, as well as the papers from the fields associated with textile and garment technique, fashion design, technology and other aspects of textile and garment industry (i.e. manufacture, application and properties of natural and man-made fibres, application and properties of dyestuffs and textile auxiliaries, energy management, environment protection, economy and marketing, markets etc.). Specialised pages are dedicated to textile markets, entrepreneurship, dry-cleaning and care, new machinery, apparatuses and devices for testing, bibliography in textiles, new books, new fibres and fabrics, new dyestuffs and auxiliaries, various comments and interviews, domestic news and news from abroad.

It is indexed in the following publications:

Research Alert, Materials Science Citation Index, Chemical Abstracts, World Textile Abstracts, Textile Technological Abstracts, Textile Technology Digest, Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts, Bulletin Sinalétique, Referativny sbornik, Investigación e Información y de Tensioactivos, publikacije Institute of Textile Technology, CAB Abstracts, World Textiles, Energy Science and Technology, Pascal, Paperchem, PIRA, World Traslations Index


Tekstil Journal (Online). ISSN: 0492 - 5882   UDK: 677 + 687(05)