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Instructions for the Authors

  • Topics the journal  “Tekstil” deals with
    The journal publishes papers in the scientific and professional field of textile and clothing technology, as well as the papers from the fields associated with textile and clothing technique, fashion design, technology and other aspects of textile and clothing industry (i.e. manufacture, application and properties of natural and man-made fibres, application and properties of dyestuffs and textile auxiliaries, energy management, environment protection, economy and marketing, markets etc.). Specialised pages are dedicated to textile markets, entrepreneurship, dry-cleaning and care, new machinery, testing devices, bibliography in textiles, new books, new fibres and fabrics, new dyestuffs and auxiliaries, various comments and interviews, domestic news and news from abroad.

    Categorisation of papers

    The papers received are categorised into following groups:

    Original scientific papers, dealing with the results of scientific investigations not previously published. Scientific data should be presented logically, clearly and precisely, so that the investigations described can be reproduced and results with the same level of accuracy obtained (within the margins of experimental error). The results published should allow for the checking of the accuracy of the analysis and deduction they are based upon. This type of paper should include the list of literature used.

    Preliminary communication deals with new knowledge, the character of which asks for urgent publication. Reproducibility and checking the results need not be included.

    Review is a comprehensive analysis of a problem or a field, given in a systematic and methodical way, based on previously published results, which are analysed, systematised and critically discussed in the paper.

    Conference papers are, as a rule, published when and if they have not previously been published in its full form in a book of proceedings.

    Professional papers are papers dealing with the professional field not closely connected with original scientific research. In this respect it need not describe and deal with global novelties in the field. It includes the reproduction of accepted knowledge, presenting a valuable contribution in practical application and adaptation of original research to the needs of industry and science in general. The paper should be based on in-plant experience with procedures, methods of work and equipment.

    The papers that are not categorised include:

    Presentations and communication from practical experience. These deal with solving the problems of particular laboratories, institutions or industry and serve to inform interested parties of the solutions applied.

    Papers taken from other journals include valuable papers already published elsewhere, serving as a contribution to the contents of the journal .

    Commentaries are papers connected with actual news and conditions in science and textile/clothing industry.

    Procedure of reviewing papers

    The papers submitted are subject to professional, linguistic and editorial review, following the general professional and publishing standards of the journal. The Editorial board selects the reviewers.
    The manuscript of a paper submitted will be accepted for publication provided reviews are favourable. In case of diversified opinions of the reviewers the Editorial boards will bring a final decision.
    If the Editorial board considers the errors in the contents or manner of presentation of a paper are of a serious nature, the paper will be returned to the author to correct and complete it. The papers that have been refused will not be returned to the author.

    Special notes

    The authors take full responsibility for the contents of the papers submitted. The papers are published in Croatian language. Categorized papers and papers of special interest can be published both in Croatian and in English, according to the wish of the author, and by arrangement with the Editorial board. In this case the authors should submit their papers in language-edited English. The Editorial board will presume the author has, prior to submitting the paper for publication, regulated all the issues regarding the relations with his/her employee, as well as that the paper does not contain results previously published or in the process of publication elsewhere.
    The time of publication will depend on the degree of the author following the above instructions and on how promptly he/she will make the changes and corrections necessary and submit them to the Editorial board.

    Graphic and technical preparation

    The authors are instructed to read carefully the type of paper they wish to submit to “Tekstil”. This is the best way to get to know some of the publishing standards of the journal  and to see what kind of technical style should be applied in writing. The papers should be submitted in three hard copies and on a floppy disc or CD (original on paper and two copies: A-4 format) written with double line spacing, with no indentation of the chapter and 4 cm of left margin.
    Errors in writing should be corrected. All the three copies should be submitted with all the appendixes.

    Editorial board of the journal  “Tekstil”
    Selska cesta 90F
    P.p. 829
    10001 Zagreb

    The text of the manuscript should be clear and precise, as short as possible to make it understandable. The Editorial board has the right to shorten the text in case when facts are repeated, when well-known facts are stated or in case of wordiness. The text should be impersonal even when one’s own research or investigation is described.

    The paper should not, as a rule, contain more than twenty pages, including figures, drawings and tables. The paper submitted should be divided into heads and chapters in a logical sequence. Decimal classification is recommended. Each head and chapter should have a title, written as the rest of the text, not bold, underlined or in some other way accented. The Editorial board will select the font and everything else necessary.

    The heading of the paper contains: title, the name of the author, institution/company he/she is employed by, together with the address. If more than one author are involved, their names should be written one below the other. It is recommended that the author defines and writes the UDK number.

    Summary. Original scientific papers, reviews and professional papers should have a summary. It should be as short as possible, twelve lines at the most, and should contain some basic information on the paper.

    Key words. For categorised papers the authors should point out the key words next to the summary.

    The structure of the papers should be as follows: introduction, general part (theoretical basis), experiment (discussion) and conclusion. The introductory part should present the nature and importance of the field, establishing the purpose and subject of investigation or description in more detail. The results are preferably presented as diagrams or tables. Measuring units used should be the ones stipulated by the International system of measuring units (SI). The papers should be of such a nature as to suppose that the readers are previously familiar with the basis of the field in question. The technique of the experiment and the equipment can be described in detail if they differ considerably from the ones previously described in literature. The source of necessary explanation should be given for the well-known techniques and equipment.
    Abbreviations should be avoided in the title and the summary of the paper presented. When they are used for the first time, the whole of the expression should be used and the abbreviation should be given in brackets.

    Appendixes – tables and drawings (schemes, diagrams, graphs etc.) should be constructed so as to be easy to understand, even apart from the text. They should be submitted separately from the text, but should be mentioned in the text at proper place, so that they could be positioned adequately in the printed paper. As a rule, the same data for the same type of investigation should not be repeated in both tables and diagrams. If so, the author should give his reasons, which the reviewers and the Editorial board can either accept or refuse.
    Description of the figures should be submitted separately, with separate numeration for figures and tables. Drawings and diagrams not smaller than A-5 should accompany the original of the paper submitted. Letters and numerals should be such that they could be read easily even after being reduced in size. The photographs and drawings should be black and white, of as high quality as possible.
    Colour photographs are published only exceptionally, with the agreement of the Editorial board. Photocopies are published provided clear reproduction can be obtained. Using a soft pencil, the name of the author, the ordinal number of the figure and the designation of the upper edge, should be written on the backside of each photograph and drawing.

    More complex mathematical and chemical expressions (formulas and equations) should be written as clear as possible. They should not be incorporated into the body of the text, but submitted separately. The formulas should be numbered and the number should be clearly pointed out in the text.
    Each sign in every expression should be explained separately, either below the expression or in the text.

    The literature should be quoted selectively, not extensively, except in the case of a review paper. The sources should be quoted by the order of their appearance in the text and designated with Arabic numerals in square brackets. The list of the literature used should also be submitted separately. The literature in the list is quoted as follows:

    - journals:
    [1] Schollmeyer E.: Primjena nanotehnologije na tekstilnim materijalima, Tekstil 56 (2007.) 2, 81-86

    - books:
    [2] Soljačić I., T. Pušić: Njega tekstila – čišćenje u vodenim medijima, Tekstilno-tehnološki fakultet, Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, 2005., ISBN 953-7105-08-3

    - books of proceedings:
    [3] Andrassy M.: Novi studijski programi na Tekstilno-tehnološkom fakultetu, Zbornik radova 1. znanstveno-stručno savjetovanje Tekstilna znanost i gospodarstvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska, 26. siječanj 2008., 45-55, ISBN 978-953-7105-23-5

    The abbreviation «et al.» should be used in the list of literature for the references where more than two authors are involved.

    Corrections of test impressions. If possible, the Editorial board will send the author test impression of the paper submitted, for the purpose of correction. The text of the paper should not be altered or supplemented in any other way at this stage. Standardised signs should be used to implement corrections.

    Once again, the Editorial board would like to recommend the papers published in «Tekstil» as a good model for potential authors. This practice will make our work easier and the time of waiting for publication will be reduced as much as possible.



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